Prince Hall Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Grand Worthy Matron

Mary Ennis

Prince Hall Grand Chapter

Holy Royal Arch Masons of South Carolina

Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Jerome Brooks

Grand Most Ancient Matron

Claudette Hunte-Jackson

Prince Hall Grand Chapter

Royal and Select Masters of South Carolina

Right Grand Thrice Ill. Master

Hadji Harper

Royal Grand Perfect Matron

Glendra Smith-Watson

Palmetto Grand Commandery

Knights Templar

Right Grand Eminent Commander

Hadji Harper

Grand Princess Captain

Margean White

South Carolina Council

of Deliberation

Deputy of the Orient

SGIG Alonzo Haynes , 33°

State Grand Loyal Lady Ruler

Katie Wilson

Desert of South Carolina


Imperial Deputy of the Desert

Danthan Chestnut #89

Imperial Deputy for the Desert of
South Carolina Auxiliary to the
A.E.A.O.N.M.S. Inc.

Patricia Wright-Dawson