What is Masonry About?

Freemasonry is an ancient and honorable fraternity founded upon the principal tenants, to include the inculcation and practice of the truly commendable virtues of brotherly love, relief, and truth. Masons possess a belief in God, are of good and reputable character, have a visible means of an honest livelihood, and come highly recommended into the order. The duties of a Mason are three-fold: to God, to his neighbor, and to himself. Masons are to be peaceable citizens, true to their country and government, and are to respect legal authority. The greatest and best of men in all ages have been encouragers, promoters, and supporters of the art of Freemasonry. Masons share a bond of brotherhood amongst each other which extends across the globe.

Freemasonry is a speculative science, founded upon the operative art of masonry. Freemasons symbolically apply the principles of operative masonry and architecture, to the science and art of building character. The building of King Solomon’s Temple is the occasion used and followed by Freemasons, on how to build an edifice of honor. Masons apply the operative lessons from the building of King Solomon’s Temple, to build their spiritual buildings, a house not made by hands, eternal in the heavens. Those lessons are applied to build morality, honor, manhood, clean speech, respect, and character. Masons support their churches, families, communities, youth, elderly, widows and orphans, and education. We are Masons! In this we believe!